Friday, January 20, 2012

Angora Napkin: Page 101

*Whew* - I can finally say that as of 5 minutes ago I finished colouring the last page of the next Angora Napkin book! Doing a colour book has been a hell of a task, I hope you all deem the results worth the effort when you get to see it!

I wish I could say the book is 'finished' but there's still the job of cover art, bonus comics and all around design to attend to - so I'm not quite done yet but it's at least nice to have that stage of production in the can.

Well, no time to bask in the glory, I still have work to do!


Matt Rasch said...


Sue Marsden said...

One of my favvvvve drawings in the book! Fantastic n__n And congrats on 'finishing' (but not finishing) the colouring of the next book. It is bloody time-consuming, but I'm very excited to see the results!
Cheers & keep on drawing hombre!