Monday, November 24, 2008

Graphic Novel: Update

The book is finished and off to the printer! 

Previews has listed Angora Napkin as "Certified Cool" in the November catalogue! 

How to pre-order your copy:

1) Local book store - give them the name and ISBN 978-1600103391
2) Comic Shop - Name and Diamond Code NOV08 4158
3) Click on the Amazon link 

The book will be shipping and available in stores world wide in January 2009!
(Most online shops seem to have listed the book as paperback, but it's actually a hardcover.)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

In the studio

Nick reviews the dialogue for "Go Fish".

The very talented Alyson Court (Beatrice) and Helen King (Molly) did a fantastic job giving voice to Angora Napkin!

Nick steps into the booth.

"Dolphin Boy", AKA Dwayne Hill.

Alyson and Helen in the booth.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Angora Speaks!

We're going into the studio this week to record the actors for the Angora Napkin pilot! We have some amazing talent for this show, it's going to be a riot!

I've recently graduated from my trusty Intuos 2 with the 4X3 workspace to a 20WS Cintiq for the project. I never believed I'd be able to draw comfortably on a computer but WOW! Night and day - especially drawing in Flash. The shot above was one of the first I cleaned up in Flash, with very little messing around with nodes and smoothing. I'm a happy cat.