Monday, January 25, 2010

Angora Napkin invades 2010, teams up with Wolverine?

Quite possibly The Worlds Finest Team up ever? I should think so.

Actually, this is a piece I did for the Joe Shuster Awards Wolverine: Visions of an Icon last year. The final peice was drawn on 11 X 17 illustration board and painted in watercolour (which I don't have a good scan of). I'm not sure the status on the drawing but it is or will be up for auction to support the Joe Schuster Awards event.

The Angora Napkin pilot on The Detour will be taken offline February 1st, voting has closed but last I checked we had over 64,000 votes and a heap of great comments on the show - thanks everyone! The pilot will be boradcast on TV in the Fall.

Rumor has it there's a new Angora Napkin project in the works...