Sunday, March 28, 2010

Angora Napkin T-Shirts! One week only!

Limited edition silk screened shirts

Taking pre-orders online until April 4th! After that - No shirt for you!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

From the fans!

It's always amazing to me when people go out of their way to create something with the Angora Napkin characters! From fan art to cakes to sculptures - it always brings a me a great deal of pleasure to see people interpret the girls in their own unique ways. Here's some of the latest creations to grace my home (and belly)!   

Cake maker extraordinaire Allison Jenkins made me this huge and delish Angora Napkin cake for my birthday! It had a layer of strawberry in the middle that made it super awesome. If you are in PEI and need a custom cake made she's your go to gal. Check out her blog: Custom Creative Cakes.

And perhaps you need a cake topper for that cake of yours? Christina Patterson makes them up custom like! Long before I had a cake to place under it Christina had sculpted the whole Angora Napkin band, complete with raw steak base! How cool is that? Check out her stuff at:

And last but far from least me darlin' Brenda dazzled me with this awesome drawing for Valentines Day!! Check out her blog: Crazy Ary's Doodles.

Thanks so much everyone!!!

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