Monday, August 22, 2011

Angora Napkin: Page 34

And now for another moment of Angora Napkin trivia!

Nick and I started developing Angora Napkin during a period of downtime at the studio we worked at. Upon our eventual return to work, we showed the boss what we'd been up to over the course of a few months and they were interested in developing it in to a Flash web series.

The studio had hired a producer from Toronto and when the project passed her desk she refused to support it on account of, "the name Angora Napkin is offensive to me". How precisely is it offensive we wondered? "It makes me think of a feminine hygiene product gone wrong" she replied. Upon reflection, we thought that was an interesting interpretation and felt even more conviction to keep the name as it was despite the studio insisting we change the show to "Bubble Gum Pop" or "Rock Candy".

We stood our ground and decided to shelve the whole thing rather then change it for arbitrary reasons.

I love that now, years later that offensive named cartoon was an Eisner nominated book for teens and an animated cartoon on National TV. This page was my little 'poke' at that time in Angora's development history.

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