Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Angora Napkin: Page 20

Hey, did you notice that little IndiGoGo box up on the top right of the page? The countdown is on and I can really use your support! There's some sugar sweet perks in it for ya as well - just look what Sid out in Van City got direct from Angora Napkin HQ:

A signed book with a sketch!

A print, signed by the band!

And what's this? Sue now own an original page of artwork from the book? 
Is this even POSSIBLE??? 

The answer is: YES, IT IS POSSIBLE!!! 
You get awesome stuff AND are directly supporting the creation of the next Angora Napkin graphic novel. Please consider throwing a few bucks down. All donors are entitled to a giant bear hug next convention whence we meet. Who are you to resist?

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