Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome to Angora Napkin

Greetings gang! New in town? Well you've come to the right place - provided you came here to read the Eisner nominated Angora Napkin graphic novel for free! That's right, I said it. FREE LIKE A BIRD WITH A JET PACK!

Beginning on Monday and updated 3 times a week you can check out the adventures of Beatrice, Molly & Mallory from the safety of your computer. Read it at home naked, at the office with a sexy co-worker or on the run from the police - the only limit is your imagination & internets access!

Yes, it doesn't get better then free and I'm passing the savings on to you! But should you feel the blinding urge to help support a lowly comic artists dream to draw retarded comics until he dies of dysentery then I have options for you: Buy stuff! Donate to the IndiGoGo fund! Advertise on the banner below! Purchase original artwork or commission some! 

(Seriously - major thank you for helping support this and future Angora Napkin stories.)

So starting Monday I'll begin serializing the entire book along with random commentary, sketches and nonsense PLUS every page of original artwork posted will be available for purchase by one lucky bidder!

Please help make this awesome by spreading the word and converting the ignorant into fanatical "Serviettes" of the mighty Angora Napkin! 

See you Monday! XOXO


A Koszis said...

I will spread the word as much as I can.

The Monster said...

Holy shit awesome! =D I loved the cartoon based on this. I'd find a better way of doing it, though - Blogspot is pretty hard to navigate for a webcomic. Have you tried If you want more traffic, Project Wonderful is a great option =)

Troy Little said...

Welcome aboard The Monster! Yeah, Blogspot is only a temp home. I'm looking into other option soon as I'm able!