Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Angora Napkin: Page 11


Curious, Once again I've come up with another unaccounted for page of original artwork. Perhaps my trusting nature is getting the better of me as some turkey stole all the CD's out of my car the other day too. Serves me right for not locking the doors - criminal masterminds are everywhere! Anyway, it's a lesson on keeping good inventory I guess. Always look on the bright side of theft! 

In other, more interesting news - the PACE press release is out now! Read up on how I'm spending my summer and if you're in PEI during the July-August months then please stop in and see what I'm up to!


Skid said...

Thanks for posting these three times a week. It brings joy to my belly and its probably one of my favorite things.

Troy Little said...

My pleasure! Thanks for reading! :D