Friday, October 2, 2009


Check out these great drawings people have sent us!

October is ANOGRA NAPKIN month! The Pilot premieres Oct. 15th at the Ottawa International Film Festival and on Teletoon later this month (TBA)!
Stay tuned!!!


Nico said...

Yay, I'm so glad you like my fanart! I want to make more. Bea, Molly and Mallory are so much fun to draw!

CAN'T WAIT for the premiere, guys!!!

Benjamin Anders said...

Awesome fan art from everybody! Thanks for including mine. I have to agree with Nico, the characters are so much fun to draw.
I can't wait for the pilot to air.

Is Teletoon doing a poll for which one(s) to pick up or is it already decided?

Bren said...

The fan art all looks fantastic!! :D Thanks for including my silly scribble in with the others!!

I'll have to remember to make some cake to celebrate the premiere day!! :)

Anonymous said...

October is the perfect month for A.N.! Just in time for Halloween!