Monday, December 1, 2008

Free Preview comic - For YOU!

Hey gang, perhaps you've read the Angora Napkin press release from IDW? Heard about the animated pilot coming to Teletoon in 2009? Maybe you're keen to get the jump on things so you can tell your friends "I was there from the very beginning you poseur". Now you can prove it!

I'm have 200 signed and numbered copies of the Angora Napkin / Chiaroscuro preview comics available to you for FREE.

Yup, free as in ask me for one and ye shall receive.
Email your mailing address to:
(Limit one per address)

My gift to you my lovelies. 

1 comment:

Troy Little said...

Hey gang,

The first batch of comics were sent out last week but there's still a good stack left for the asking!