Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Love American Style

Well this show isn't even finished yet and we are already getting fan art. I think that's a good sign. Here's some hilarious drawings done by a talented up-and-coming star, Demetrius Seger.

Check out his blog post for more great stuff!


Troy Little said...

Great stuff Demetrius, thanks!

I was in Philly last week while on my way to SPX, had a great time in your city! Sadly, I missed getting a cheese steak while I was there there.

Check out some pics from my trip over on my blog!

Deemo said...

Hey thanks that was really nice of you to post my stuff.

Hey Troy how are you doing. Yeah I went on your blog the other day and I saw the pics. Looks like you guys had alot of fun down here. I thought to myself though crap I could have meet you while you were here. You were so close to where I live.

Yeah next time you come here you gotta try the cheesesteaks.